About us

Armada Çini ve Seramik aims to interpret our traditional tile art in a modern way, while advancing on a path from the local to the universal, from the past to the future, and to present its products with a pictorial decoration style on the surface of the tile with its unique high firing, lining technique. In other words, by interpreting our traditional tile art in a modern way, it aims to bring together many places, from the house we live in to the workplace, with our national values, which have artistic importance.

Among the cornerstones of product quality at Armada Tile and Ceramic are the elements such as being able to perceive colors and patterns, having no defects on the surface, maintaining its performance for a long time in the place where it is applied, being very easy to clean, being dirt free, being aesthetically perfect, creating cheerful and energetic spaces. takes place.

Armada's artistic adventure continues until it reaches a variety of products that will appeal to different tastes, keep our culture from the past alive and remain as antiques for future generations. For this reason, Armada Tile and Ceramic Collection is appreciated by users.

In Armada Çini and Seramik, the product lines actually resemble pieces of a Puzzle. When the pieces are combined and applied, they create a whole and add a distinct value to the space. These values ​​can be listed as the feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness, the tactile bond it establishes with its user, followed by aesthetic factors such as patterns and colors, which are the reflection of nature, and the happiness of keeping the historical and cultural heritage alive.

The art of tiles, which is one of the traditional Turkish Arts, is used in the interior and exterior decorations of many buildings with historical and artistic value such as mosques, mansions, palaces, fountains, tombs, and instead of buildings without identity, impersonal and aesthetic The presence of structures adorned with national cultural motifs also comes to life with Armada Tile and Ceramic.

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