pool bathroom ceramic tile decoration

Pool bathroom ceramic tile decoration products All of them are handmade. Hand decorated tiles in desired sizes are made as infrastructure.

Iznik and Kütahya Tiles Examples of Turkish tile art in the Turkish bath bathroom decoration area, tile tiles bear Seljuk and Ottoman motifs.

Tile hand-decorated panels are drawn with charcoal on raw biscuit tile.

Then each piece is painted in different colors, glazed and fired at a high temperature.   

Modern and classical architecture in the world, wall coverings, handmade tiles and ceramic products are used in the decoration of the Bath, Hammam, hotel, villa, office.

Hand decor tile products in architecture Classical floral motifs Modern geometric patterns

 or maroc arabic style patterns.

Hand decorated ceramic tiles used in Turkish baths and hotel villa bathrooms are not silk screen.  

All of them are produced by hand and according to their size.

Thanks to the glossy glaze on the surface of tiles and ceramics, it does not form dirt-repellent mold.

Easy to clean.

The specially produced Pool is handmade on the bathroom ceramic tile decoration.

or relief painting can be done.

Kütahya and Iznik tiles are the cheapest tile ceramic products among the prices of hand-decorated tiles and handmade tile ceramics.

Thanks to the pool bathroom ceramic tile decoration production features, each one of them is the rarest collection pieces in its field in the world.  

pool bathroom ceramic tile decoration

Floor tiles Ceramics, products with porcelain tile infrastructure, in exterior cladding with special production technique,

Used for floor wall decoration.

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Since the pool bathroom ceramic tile decoration products are cooked to a high degree, the paints do not wear off as soon as they fade.

It is produced as glazed.

Hand decorated tile panels with Kütahya and Iznik patterns in traditional tile art

It is produced in the desired size as glazed, glossy, matte.

You can find examples of our cultural heritage, our tile art, on hand-decorated tile panels, which are indispensable for Turkish tile art.

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pool bathroom ceramic tile decoration