20×20 Cm Ac 30 Iznik Patterned Kütahya Ceramic Tile Ceramic

  • There are 4 tiles combined in the picture.
  • Since Kütahya and Iznik tile tiles are produced by machine printing, it is normal to have color tones on tiles.
  • The back side of the ceramic tile tiles is matte serrated and the front side is glazed and glossy polished.
  • Kütahya tiles are ceramic-based, and the glazed tile preserves its appearance for many years. There is no loss of color and pattern. For exterior cladding, tiles produced with porcelain infrastructure should be used.
  • Ceramic tile tiles are fired at 950 degrees. For this reason, it is resistant to weather conditions such as sun, wind, etc.
  • 20×20 tile products are waterproof and moisture-proof thanks to the glossy glazed finish on the surface. For this reason, it does not hold water on its surface and prevents the formation of bacteria that does not form bacteria.
  • Iznik and Kütahya patterned tiles carry the patterned Ottoman motifs in Turkish tile art in the decoration area.
  • The materials used in the composition of Kütahya, Iznik patterned tiles provide thermal insulation, keeping the spaces cool in summer and warm in winter, allowing them to breathe.
  • Kütahya and Iznik tiles show wide, high and spacious when used in areas
  • Our special tile products are preferred in your interior and exterior architectural decoration and designs and restoration projects.
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About Use;

  • We do not recommend using embossed tiles directly in water.
  • You can easily use the products produced with the special glaze applied in wet places in Turkish baths.
  • Kütahya tiles Spa decoration, Turkish bath tile back of the basin or above the basin, as a decor in the bathroom shower cabin, Kitchen countertop and countertop etc. It is used in mosque masjid mihrab minbar decoration areas.
  • Since the ceramic-based tile surface is shiny and slippery, it cannot be laid on the floor as floor tiles. For floor tiles, printing is done on porcelain tiles.
  • Production is made in special patterns and ral codes according to the order. The minimum production amount for such special orders is 20 m2.
  • You can also use our tile tile ceramic products in school and university masjids, mosques as mihrab, pulpit, interior-exterior wall and column tile covering and decoration.
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Width :  20 cm
Height :  20 cm
Thickness :  0,7 cm
1 m2 Weight :  12,50 kg.
1 m2 Piece :  25

20×20 Cm Ac 30 Iznik Patterned Kütahya Ceramic Tile Ceramic