20×20 SP-14 Desenli İznik Çini Karo Modeli (Dilber Dudağı)



20×20 SP-14 Patterned Iznik Tile Tile Model (Dilber Dudağı)
Usage Areas and Technical Details
20×20 SP-14 Designed Iznik Tile Tile Model (Dilber Dudağı) was made with mass production production style. It can be done as Eldekoru tile in desired sizes.
The product pictured above is produced by our screen printing method.
The substructure is ceramics, but because it has 2 firing, it is more durable than normal ceramic and has less water absorption.
You can use it easily on the interior. On the exterior you can use it in a niche or you can use it on the exterior by making ground caros (porcelain tiles).
It can be matted with special production and you can use it as floor tile and yarn floor (floor ceramics) in this size.
Our product is cooked at 1200 degrees (baked). For this reason it is resistant to exterior conditions.
It can be used in the shower cabin as cabin behind cabin in the Turkish baths or in the cabin top as cabinet, as a countertop in the kitchen, in bar and column design in cafes and restaurants.
The surface of our product is glazed. We use lacquer tiles and patterns with the purpose of protecting and dying the paintings. On this count, we have longer-lasting products. However, we do not recommend you to use glazed tiles directly on the ground. It’s going to be slippery because it’s got brilliant floor.
20×20 SP-14 Designed Iznik Tile Tile Model (Dilber Dudağı) product, you can use our interior and exterior architectural decoration and designs and restoration works easily.
Produced by dry press method.
The paved version of the product is available in other photographs.
We try to send our products in stock as much as possible on the same day.
Sending your orders after 14:00 will be the next day. (Products in stock)
You should call for our non-stocked products and get a production date.
We have sales on a quantity basis.
We can change the color of the products on orders over 20 m2.
Most of our designs are traditional Turkish handicraft designs from the Ottoman and Seljuk periods.
(Such as Seljukian Star – Turkmen Star – Turkish Star – Turkuaz – Star Star – Golden Horn – Dilber Dudge – Cintemani Yada Cintemani etc.)
20×20 SP-14 Patterned Iznik Tile Tile Model (Dilber Dudağı)
About Usage;
We do not recommend you to use our product directly in the water.
We recommend that you purchase directly from our products, which are completely porcelain in water, and pigment color. (Ornamental and swimming pools)
Cracked products are not suitable for direct use in the water.
However, you can use it in areas that are in contact with water (in Turkish Bath Kurna Rack or Kurna Top, in Shower Cabinet as a Panel, in kitchen countertops and counter top etc.)
We do not recommend that this product is also used as floor tile flooring because it is surface relief (embossed).
We recommend that you prefer our flat surface products as floor tiles on your floor.
We can produce our products in pigmented paint (ceramic paint) in any color you like. We can produce the desired ral code. The minimum number of such special orders is 20 m2.
We can promise to catch the nearest tone, not the individual color you want in tile.
You can find suitable and economical tile prices in our company.
You can use all of our products in school and university masjids, mosques in factories and apartment mosques in the construction of mihrab, minbar, preacher’s chair, muezzin, inner-outer wall and column covering and decoration as well as board.
For more detailed information related to our products, you can contact us.
If you would like to order our products, please contact us via the order form, by e-mail, if you want to contact us by phone, and if you want to do our online shopping site www.kutahyaveiznikcinisi.com
For more detailed information about our products, you can contact us from our contact page.

Technicial Specifications

Width: 20 cm
Height: 20 cm
Thickness: 0.6 cm
1 m2 Quantity: 25 pieces.
1 m2 Weight: 12,50 kg.
Case Quantity: 25
Box m2: 1
Box Weight: 12,50 kg.

Usage areas


Bathroom, Turkish Bath, Spa, Turkish Bath
House, Villa, Palace, School, Public Space
Office, Office, Interior Decoration
Hotel Loby Decoration, Restaurant, Reception
Mosque, Mihrab, Minbar, Podium, Mescid


Ornaments around windows and doors
Tomb, Fountain, Fountain, Pool
Exterior Coating, School, Public Buildings, Underpasses

20×20 SP-14 Patterned Iznik Tile Tile Model (Dilber Dudağı)


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Ürün Açıklaması

Product description

– There are blends in our product that will form clay and porcelain.

– 200 tons of prestige is printed dry.

– After Preste has been pressed, it is baked at 1200 degree raw and the porcelain body is obtained.

– After that the painting process takes place.

– After the painting process, the glazing process takes place. Cracking glaze is used

– And then it is baked again at 1200 degrees. After this process the product becomes ready.

– Due to the porcelain mixture in our product, the water absorption is very low and the strength is high.

– But it does not have zero water absorption and resistance like porcelain directly. It is a mixture of ceramic and porcelain.

– Cracks on the surface of our product are called '' crackle crackle ''. These cracks are only on the surface. It is not in the product itself.

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